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ADAPT Fitness Has Programs For All Levels!

ADAPT Bootcamp

1We offer our signature programed workouts for all levels, starting with “Base“, “L1″, and “L2″. Focus is on correct movement & proper function at your own pace.

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Personal Training

2Personal Training can be one on one or a small group of not more than 6. The library of movements is greater because attention can be devoted…

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Weight Training

3This program is tailor-made for the people whose primary goal is to get stronger. What high school weight lifting should have been. Begins on Mon. June 2nd….

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Program Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
ADAPT L1 10:AM 5:30PM 10:AM 5:30PM 10:AM 5:30PM
ADAPT L2 10:30AM 6:00PM 10:30AM 6:00PM 10:30AM 6:00PM
ADAPT Strength Group 6:30PM 6:30PM 6:30PM
ADAPT Base Camp Appt Appt Appt Appt Appt
Personal Training (PT) 12PM-4PM 10AM-6PM 12PM-4PM 10AM-6PM 12PM-4PM
Metabolic Makeover

Our gym is located at: 244 Kenai Ave Soldotna, Alaska.
(Upstairs Inside of The Superstructures Building in Soldotna)

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