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Soldotna HCG Diet

Soldotna HCG Diet
3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (99% score)


Okay so a lot of people have been asking me about this “HCG Diet” and injections thing apparently a lot of people are doing here in town. I’ve been really hesitant to say anything about it because I know how people are when they like the idea of something.

By that I mean… when someone decides on something, they tend to defend it. Sometimes very strongly. Even if there is no basis for their defense other than they like the idea of it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that anyone in business, especially in a small town has to be very careful about what they are critical of. Inevitably you will anger or offend some, maybe a large number of people that have decided that they like the idea of it.

Do I have an opinion? You bet. Anyone that knows me at all can tell you I have an opinion about just about everything. The thing is, I’m kind of a renegade myself, so I know what it feels like to go up against “the establishment” about things in my field of expertise. I’ve very aware that much of what I teach goes against what most of the “establishment” mindlessly spouts out.

Then how do I know that I’m right and they’re wrong?

Education, common sense, experience and real data.

Look, most of what you’ll hear from “establishment types” is just the “education” side of the coin. You know… universities, where things only have to work on paper. Theory. It’s like trainers with 10 certifications or some dude with two PHD’s. I think, “wow, you’re really good at taking tests.” You are obviously very concerned with building your resume and working for someone else. I’ve actually had personal training clients with far more education than I had, in the same field I’m in!

I remember I had client 5 years ago that had her masters in exercise science from The University of Hawaii. Now because of her “education” I assumed I could use a certain level of vocabulary with her while instructing about anatomy and physiology. (It allows things to go faster when I can be very specific and to the point.) I realized that when I trained my first physician as a client. It was nice to able to explain exactly what we were trying to do and have him get it.

Well, long story short, I couldn’t believe what she didn’t know. I’m not talking about “concepts”, I’m talking fundamentals. She flat out couldn’t follow what I was saying, and believe me, I’m no Einstein. I wasn’t trying to relay the finer points of Occam’s Razor or Cauchy’s theorem.

Take for example business. If you go to the average university and look at their business faculty you’ll see a lot of very highly “educated” people. But how many of those “business professors” have ever actually made a business work?

I’m talking about start-to-finish, concept-to-completion made a business work. Created jobs. Helped the economy rather than suckle off of it. How many of them have even ever met a payroll?

Don’t get me wrong here, education is not a bad thing, unless it’s bad information that’s being taught of course. I mean… even Communism works on paper, but anyone with half a brain and over the age of 35 knows for a fact that in real life it just doesn’t pencil out. Remember the Soviet Union?

Back to my point. I bring all this up because I’m going to put out a link to another side of this HCG diet coin, but I want you to take it in the proper context. This link is obviously from “the establishment”. So I wanted to let you know where I’m coming from, and where I stand on a lot of what “the establishment” says.

I get that people are attracted to this because it’s a shot and not a workout. People are basically lazy. (Not gonna argue about it…I rest my case with the “Thighmaster”) Anyway, what I don’t think they’re getting is the 500 calorie a day diet part. Sure there are people experiencing genuine results from this, but has anyone ever thought to run a test group to see if there was any difference between the HCG group and the test group’s results?

I understand that the fact that people are paying a ridiculous amount of money for these injections makes them actually stick to this ridiculous calorie amount. So what get’s the credit for the weight loss? And why not do a bodyfat analysis to prove that these folks are actually losing fat and not muscle?

Okay, if you’ve made it through my incessant rambling this long I guess you really want to see this link. Here it is Enjoy.

Just something to think about. Remember, I’m not one to take what a book says over actual results, EVER. So take it for what it is. There are countless parasites on the pharmaceutical bubble that actively destroy anything that threatens them. That may be the case here as well. All I would ask is to see that control group of people that did the 500 calorie diet WITHOUT the HCG and see what their results were :-)

Soldotna HCG Diet
3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (99% score)
  1. JanJan05-19-2010

    Wow. Tom you really hit the nail on head! I never thought about that. It probably is the stupid diet and not the shots! My friend has been doing those and she doesn’t feel well at all. She was just telling me the other day that her strength is gone. Good post, thanks!

  2. BeckyBecky08-02-2010

    Thanks for the article. I know a few people on this program. It seems to me that just eating 500 calories per day would not be healthy, especially with no exercise.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that in your article. The “no exercise” part. I agree that people are basically lazy though.

    • TomTom08-02-2010

      Hi Becky,

      I didn’t mention it because the article was getting really long :-) They forbid exercise because the calorie levels are so low. The whole concept is about “brown fat” loss. Brown fat being “baby fat” that is supposed to be stimulated by the HCG when the subject is in a certain caloric zone (I believe). So the argument against exercise is made by saying that the exercise will change the caloric requirements by too great a margin.

      Again, this is just my understanding, and I should probably research it in more detail before giving very technical answers like this, but I believe that’s their thesis. Actually, the creator’s thesis. This idea was concocted a long time ago.


  3. WendiWendi08-06-2010

    I was thinking that there is no way this can be healthy at all. Who wouldnt lose weight eating only 500 calories a day. What the heck is in the shots is what I would really like to know. What are the effects going to be a few years down the line after taking the injections? Definately plenty for people to consider before jumping into this.

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