ADAPT is the pursuit of total health

Your whole body has to be addressed, not just your muscles

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Personal Training

ADAPT Personal Training is the absolute fastest, most painless way to getting to where you want to be.



ADAPT Bootcamp (ATSL1) is an entry level program, designed for any workable body.



30 or 60 minutes available


ADAPT Online

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ADAPT is Pro Fitness

A coaching facility, teaching correct body movement and maintenance…

ADAPT Your Body

We do movement the way movement occurs in real life, not on a bench.

Crossfit is great, but few people, weather they admit it or not are physically qualified to do most Crossfit movements, resulting in senseless injury.


ADAPT Your Eating

Adding only exercise will make you feel better, but you won’t look much different…  Nutrition is where the fat battle is won or lost, and cardio only makes it harder to burn fat.

ADAPT Your Understanding

Maybe things don’t work the way you’ve been told…
Maybe starting out with the right information would make a difference?

The ADAPT Secret Ingredient

Most of the things our members learn at orientation, they have never heard before. These are things about working out, nutrition, and losing fat. That said, there is something else that sets us apart…

We know how to get it done. (I’d tell you, but it’s a secret 🙂 )

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    Work At Your Own Pace

    I developed ADAPT to meet people where they are at, physically.  It doesn’t matter how ‘fit’ you are, ADAPT is something different… it’s designed to hit all the nooks and crannies conventional workout programs miss.

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    Learn From A Pro

    Having the right information is the most important thing…  No matter how hard you are willing to work, or how much you are willing to sacrifice, if you begin with the wrong information, it will be hard to succeed.

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    Start A New Chapter

    The only reason our bodies make changes are when they are forced to ‘adapt’ to new stresses.  In order to have a different life tomorrow than the one you have today, you must do something diffrent.

Get Our Series - 4 Steps To Perfect Health

Learn the 4 things required in order to get your body working the way it was designed.
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Correct Movement
Informed Nutrition
ADAPT Secret Ingredient
Total Health
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